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About Sungazer Herbs

Sungazer Herbs is the go to online herbal supplements e-commerce store for bulk natural and organic herbal products. We offer, powdered herbs, dried herbs, organic herbs, loose leaf teas, cooking spices, anti blue light glasses and other natural lifestyle accessories.

Why shop at Sungazer Herbs for dried herbs and natural lifestyle products? 

  • Most of our herbal supplements are 100% organic.
  • Harvested in different countries where the herbs grow best naturally.
  • Individually run by Brandon Goji.  Stay personal with my viewers!
  • 100% quality guarantee. 
  • Affordable shipping

You can purchase herbal supplements, clothes, shoes, glasses and all of our other products with cryptocurrency. We accept, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum. Contact us and we can set up an exchange. Due to limited code, we're currently not able to accept crypto directly through check out.

Please note: we cannot refund small orders with Bitcoin due to high transaction fees.